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090304_014As a creative soul, Lydia is motivated by the surprises each new day brings. As an eager individual, Lydia’s zealous attitude has her travelling and meeting people as she strides on a discovery path of new ideas. As a passionate photographer, Lydia is inspired by the essence of life itself.

Lydia is the founder of “d’ZIGN for you” – her instrument of wedding inspirations for the past 3 years. She shares her love for wedding photography openly as she captures the still frames of loving, blissful couples. Initially, she had dabbled in creating wedding videos for friends that had consistently garnered praise. So from then on, Lydia has since followed her heart and never looked back.

How does Lydia work? Lydia enjoys collaboration with her clients by encouraging them to share their personalities and love stories with her. This approach allows her and couples to discover a creative direction that could easily capture their true affections on film. Also, Lydia always serve her clients with sincerity. “Every couple is different.” Lydia comments. “I’m inspired to work with new concepts simply because each couple is unique and they deserve to be special.

Like the ones who have found their passion in life, Lydia’s philosophy in life and work is to love what she does. Creating memorable photographs that showcases two in love and lost in their own reality, she finds her work truly meaningful and she hopes to inspire others through her photographs as well.

Lydia’s work has helped her create exciting photo shoots where she has learned to expand her wings of creativity. Her most interesting photo shoot experience was with Charles and Allia, a couple that gave her the opportunity to develop one of her best creations to date. “Both the clients and I were very open to new concepts,” Lydia adds how the confident and warm relationship between herself and her clients had created a fun and exciting photographic direction for their pre-wedding album.

Being a photographer doesn’t mean that her day ends only with still-takes. Lydia has done Videography and has crafted a 3 part video story for one of her client’s wedding. Thinking back at the opportunities it has given her, she laughs saying “Makes me feel like a real movie director!” And she hasn’t stopped there. Taking her skills to better and newer heights, her movie making dream is about to become a reality. Lydia is currently working on “Love Story”, a short wedding video, almost film-like, with the bride and groom as its main characters. “Love Story” documents the couple’s days of devotion as they re-enact their unique real life love story from the very beginning when met, until the day they became a wedded couple.

Like with Lydia’s latest project, trends are constantly evolving in the creative industry. And as a professional, Lydia is aware that there is a growing urge to create an emotional connection with audiences through photography. “Couples love to see a photo that represents who they are, their emotions and the love in their relationship.” Lydia reaffirms the fact that photographs should be well worth the memories and are meant to be kept forever. With that notion, she shares with us what photography will be like in 2009 – “I believe that today’s photographic direction would incline more towards capturing candid emotions, rather than just the standard studio based poses.”

A picture speaks a thousand words and that’s why photographers should pay attention to the details. “I want to see more photographs that capture the unique emotions and deep love of each couple, so as to better reflect who they are as an item. That’s how photographs tell stories.” With Lydia’s eager approach to uncovering the new and unveiling emotions on film, she hopes to see more wedding photography do just that.

We also ask what makes an extraordinary bride stand out and her answer: “She has to be able to express herself clearly and confidently”. Lydia finds it more appropriate to work with trust and honesty as she looks to understand the wedding couple’s choices and opinions. She loves how both parties can venture together and capture the spirit of an extraordinary wedding journey through unforgettable photography and videos.

“Every bride should choose a capable wedding photographer who is sensitive to emotions.” And there’s no question why Lydia’s own ideal wedding style is one that’s colourful and cheerful. “Extraordinary weddings involve creativity,” Lydia believes.


2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Interview

  1. Salome Hoon says:

    Dear Lydia,

    So touched when i see your work… the videos, pictures etc… Your heart & creativity shows..! Excellent work!!

    Wanna engage u for my wedding too eh… Keep in touch, babe! ;-)


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