d’ZIGN for you WON First Prize

Generated more than 500 over submissions, d’ZIGN for you, won FIRST prize in the Professional category of the “Life’s Caring Moments” photography contest organized by Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), as part of Suicide Awareness Week 2009. It’s a privilege for d’ZIGN for you to be part of  World Suicide Prevention Day. Every day in Singapore, at least 1 person dies by suicide. Many more would have attempted and lived. For every suicide attempt or death, more family, friends and care givers would be affected. This photo and exhibition hopefully could remind everyone of the caring moments in their lives and to draw on them during life’s difficult and distressing times.

090709_02 This winning photo by d’ZIGN for you, speak of hope. In times of distress when we are feeling down and troubled, keep our eyes and point our finger to the right direction and we will see the great destiny that lies within us. The best is yet to be =)090910_01

FIRST prize in the Professional category of the “Life’s Caring Moments” photography contest, given by Mr. Robert, chairman of Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).090910_15

Winning photograph was displayed at Vivocity Photography Exhibition on World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September 2009. One of the judges is the awesome Photographer, Marketer and Technopreneur, Willy Foo.090910_16


2 thoughts on “d’ZIGN for you WON First Prize

  1. Keith Harris, PhD says:

    Love your photo and congratulations on the award! I found your site by looking for World Suicide Prevention Day events in Singapore. I am planning on organizing something myself, with the aid of my students at James Cook University – Singapore. I teach psychology and suicidology there.
    If you have a little time, would you mind telling me more about your involvement in this last year? I’m sure my students would love to hear from you too.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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