Love Story of Gerry & Isabella

Special words from Gerry & Isabella :

For our special wonder woman -> Creative Director, Videographer, Photographer, Wedding Coordinator, Event Organizer and all the things that you want her to do (in positive things of course :) ) -> SHE CAN DO IT. And not just she can do it … but SHE DO IT PERFECTLY. That is Lydia for me, Isabella and my husband, Gerry.
She is not just servicing us in term of business perfectly but she gain trust from us and we love her as a VERY SPECIAL AND BEST FRIEND in this world ^_^

We just met less than 1 year but we felt that we known her for a long time because of her commitment, her integrity, her contribution for our wedding preparation. SHE IS DAMNLY PERFECTIONIST IN THIS WORLD ^_^ She will keep thinking to make my… lifetime wedding being perfect. I am very touched with her care, her kindness, her support, and her wonderful friendship. When I and Gerry down, tired and need someone to share, Lydia always be there for us. Encourage us like a sister that we never had, like a best friend from our childhood.
She never complaint how hard our shooting is, even until midnite, she will kept energize, encourage us and make us on fire and exciting like her ^_^

Our wedding on this September, done very well with fantastic compliment from our guest especially for our love story video, the arrangement of the party really perfect and I knew how hard Lydia preparing for my party :) so for this moment, I …would like to thank you to Lydia and d’ZIGN for you‘s team to make my dream wedding party being perfect and unforgettable memory for me and Gerry.
Lyd, personally, thank you for everything… maybe this word not enough to express my feeling about how lucky I am for having you to make my dream wedding comes true. T.T *_* (tears drop hiks..) YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND, MY BEST WEDDING COORDINATOR, MY BEST VIDEOGRAPHER, MY BEST PHOTOGRAPHER, MY BEST FRIEND IN JESUS ALSO!!! THANK YOU!


2 thoughts on “Love Story of Gerry & Isabella

  1. Fara says:

    Congratulations. I would love to have a nice wedding in the future. But am in KK, Sabah. @_@ Is it possible to get your service?

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