Prewedding Gary & Vicky


We decided to engage d’ZIGN for you for our pre-wedding photography after seeing Charles & Allia’s pre-wedding photos. As we believe that d’ZIGN for you able to deliver customised results beyond our imagination, and they really did it!

Here are some words that we would like to share and d’ZIGN for you really deserve an appreciation and praise for the work done. Before the photoshooting day, Lydia was never fails to answer all our queries and doubts, she is very patient and detailed in explaining the things needed during the photoshooting day. Thanks Lydia, for making the photoshooting session truly enjoyable and memorable, it was really a wonderful day that we couldn’t forget for our life time. All of us were having fun that day, Lydia is a fun and interesting person to work with, she always come out with unique and creative ideas, and willing to go extra mile whenever we have crazy ideas and needs.
Thoughout the photoshooting day, Lydia is still very energetic as we can see that she is very passionate and dedicated to her work. d’ZIGN for you is very effective, the photos turned out nice and amazing. Even though now we have only seen a preview …of the photos, we already decided to engage d’ZIGN for you to shoot for our ROM day, and a love story video too! Lydia is a professional and talented photographer, we trust she can deliver our ideas and desired results. My families and friends have seen few photos, they commented photos are well-taken, and photographer is very skillful. They never saw any pre-wedding photos as special as ours, unlike those boring and standard pre-wedding photos. And they are wondering if we shoot outside Singapore! Looking back now, seriously if we were to choose again, we would still choose d’ZIGN for you with no regrets, and we are so glad that we met d’ZIGN for you and Lydia, she makes us feel that we made an absolutely right decision!

Lydia, we really love the photos captured by you, and just so in love with them that we swear we have seen the photos and photo arts for hundred times! We are so pleased and delighted! And we just simply can’t wait to work with d’ZIGN for you again for our ROM day and love story video! And many many more events once in a life time!

Lots and lots of love,
Gary & Vicky


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