Two Is Better Than One

Jeffry & Ivonne is such an excellent couple. This 2 person have one dream of a wedding of elaborate elegance, their dream come true on 12 December 2009, in this gorgeous church filled with family and friends. May happiness stays with you forever.


10 thoughts on “Two Is Better Than One

  1. skiesareblue says:

    i love these photos. the colours are just gorgeous! amazing work!!!!

  2. Ivonne_Jeffry says:

    Thanks Lydia for the beautiful photos of us.

    We know d’ZIGN for you from extraordinaryweddings website, and by reading her name “Lydia Isnanto”, we have suspected that she is an Indonesian, just like us.

    We send e-mail on December 2008 to her to sign up for the videography service, and she’s very prompt in replying all our e-mails. In the end, later this year we decided to sign up for the photography service as well after we saw all the pictures taken by her and published in d’ZIGN for you website are very nice.

    Lydia is our wedding photographer on that day and Cindy is our wedding videographer. They are very dedicated in capturing our moments. Even our bridal car driver is very impressed with them going above and beyond to capture the pictures & videos, and ask for her contacts for his son’s wedding.

    We’re very satisfied with her services on our wedding day, and we look forward to get to see the wedding video as well. We’ll recommend d’ZIGN for you to all couples to capture their wedding moments.

  3. Ivonne_Jeffry says:

    Thanks Lydia..

    I think I opened this website quite a few times already since yesterday night to admire the photos. Hehee…

    As an addition, Lydia brings 2 type of cameras, and one of them is being used to take artistic pictures. We love the artistic pictures a lot. We don’t even know that she brought 2 cameras with her. So amazing.. :)

    • dzignforyou says:

      Wow really glad you like it… We are also seing this heart warming comment again and again to admire the encouragement words haha… feels so satisfied make you guys happy. And I’m really addicted to captured artistic picture a lot … tells so much story, emotion and love so honest in each photo of both of you, more than words can say.. :)

  4. Ivonne_Jeffry says:

    I received the DVDs already. They come with very nice packaging :D
    The contents also looks very good.
    The edited video also exactly what we wants which is the complete wedding mass and whole of our friends performance. :)
    It’s more then what we’ve expected. I’m very satisfied with d’ZIGN for you. Hehe..

  5. Ivonne_Jeffry says:

    Woah.. I didn’t realize until now that you make the video montage too and share it in your website. Thanks Lydia, it looks so nicely done :)

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