Our Ocean

Love is like the ocean waves, it either has its high or low times and when it’s high, it just drowns you all together. This is where Paddi & Yola celebrating their honeymoon, with the colorful ocean, represent their love… Such a great joy to know Paddi & Yola. Thanks for sharing this moment with d’ZIGN for you.


4 thoughts on “Our Ocean

  1. paddi says:

    wowww…. soo nice picture….!!! keren abiz euy…..

    Thanks to Lydia N’ Hendry for adding colour in our honeymoon…^^

    can’t wait to show yola these one…

  2. Yola says:

    Aaaw…great pics!! love them a lot!! :)
    Thx for Lidya n Henry..It is such a blessing for us to know u..It was all started in Tanah Lot n ended in Dreamland..hihihi… Next is…?? hihihihi…
    Beautiful moments captured by u…

    Good luck for D’zign for you :)

    Blessing! :)

    • dzignforyou says:

      Dear Yola… I’m so in love with your photos too…both of you are sooo gorgeous … Thanks so much for your trust :)
      Next is…. hahahhaha PARISSSS!!!! hahahhaa…. your next honeymoon may be :D

      But really…. thanks for everything… both of you is a blessing

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