Never Ending

Starting from 17 years ago, when Jason & Michelle was in high school. We’re so blessed by their LOVE STORY. Story of never ending love, even until today. Through the many good and bad times, happy and sad, conflict and forgiveness… truly reminds us of God’s love. The true love that has not based on feelings anymore, but it’s stay through, to love by decision, choice and commitment. Dear Jason & Michelle, your love story has been a wonderful encouragement, bring hope to many.. more than you could imagine. We’re so honored capturing the celebration day of this never ending love story. May this memory captured, always bring smile and showers you with continuous abundance love ahead!


4 thoughts on “Never Ending

  1. Michelle Tan says:

    Hey Lydia…

    I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ THIS!!!

    And many thanks, for your touching and really encouraging words :)

    Haha… I’ve already told Jason that we’re booking you for all future family portraits and our 10th anniversary celebration… I’m serious!!! :D

    • dzignforyou says:

      Hey Hey… wow I’m so encouraged by your comment here tooooo hahaha. So happy to know that you like this highlight video. Would be honored to give our best again for your future family portraits and 10th anniversary celebration. Many many many THANKS!!! =D

  2. henhen says:

    ho ho ho ho……… very very nice see this video, this is a great video for amazing moment n will be a beautiful memory when you see the video in future….
    two thumbs up for dzign for you, you make every amazing moment will never forget…… :)

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