Just For My Princess

She made me morning sickness, nausea and vomit for 4.5 months in a row. At least 4-12 times a day.
She made me craving this and that like crazy until now. Even worse now.
She made my boobs wants to explode and my belly very heavy.
She made me a woman without waistline and sometimes wonder when I can get my figure back.
She made me feel bloated after eating or drinking.
She made my legs and hands stiff and cramp at night. Also swollen until I can’t wear my rings and watch.
She made my nose and face swollen like Shrek’s.
She made me woke up in the middle of the night every 15 minutes just to change position of sleeping and went into the bathroom to pee or went to the kitchen to find cookies.
She made me easily tired and very lazy to do anything, even do make up and I have to force myself everytime I need to do that.
She made my back hurt like nuts and so slow to do anything. Even walk like penguin.
She made me feel I’m not myself!

BUT, I don’t mind AT ALL to receive those kinds of treats…

She is the answered prayer of mine.
She’s one of the biggest miracle in my life.
She’s the fruit and the fact that God is alive.
She made me even more complete as a woman.
She made me feel special.
She made new good feelings that I never felt before.
She is the combination of hope, faith and love all combine together.
She made people treat me with special treat, especially from my beloved hubby.
She made me thinking about the bright and exciting future with her.
She made me read children stories and listened classical music to her.
She made me buy lot of good books that I never buy before to upgrade myself.
She made me realize I’m not myself now! Because I’m not just a woman and wife, I’m a mom to be!
Princess, I can’t wait to see you coming. And I want you to know that I will give my best to you. And I know, with God’s strength, I will be a great mom.

(words by Yuli Maria)


One thought on “Just For My Princess

  1. grace says:

    what a wonderfull picture k’yuli..:)

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