10.10.10 – Brian Wong & Jacelyn Tay

It’s really a great privilege and honor for us, to have the opportunity producing their love story movie. (The actress-turned-entrepreneur) Jacelyn Tay and Brian Wong, got married on 10.10.10. Both of them have been such a great inspiration, even to all of our team and the supporting cast. They are such a humble, sincere and honest in being who they are, make our heart captivated deeply by their life story. Even when we did the progress of shooting and editing, our heart could be just immediately connected with what is in their heart. Congratulations Brian & Jacelyn, both of you have a big heart and passion to be a blessing. Believing  you will be showered with abundant blessing and happiness ahead, more than what you could imagine. Love you guys  : )


16 thoughts on “10.10.10 – Brian Wong & Jacelyn Tay

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