Falling In Love

Falling in love… again… again…and again with the same person, Johann said “Falling in love with Eileen … can’t imagine anything more better than that”.
“Being with Johann is like going to Disneyland everyday”, Eileen said.
Everyone who came and witnessed this wedding of the year, truly had a blast with many fun, joy, tears and laughter. Johann said,”We don’t need a perfect wedding. We just want everyone who come and love us to be happy.” Being with Johann and Eileen, make us truly falling in love with both of them. They strengthen us with love, bless us with joy and encourage us with hope. Congratulations Johann and Eileen, you guys are truly a perfect match : )

Enjoy their highlight on Day Two.

And here was their morning highlight on Day One.


3 thoughts on “Falling In Love

  1. Christine Chin Jia Hui says:

    Congratz! I’m from City Harvest Church! U 2 are sweet couples! Blessed forever! I’m 10 !

  2. Lingual says:

    It was an awesome video! Thank Lydia for the great job done in capturing the essence and the beauty of their love. I was so touched when I watched it. t’was definitely the best wedding video I’ve seen!

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