Love Message from Japan

In the midst of the photo shoot in Japan, we discovered so much fun shots in Jindaiji Temple (深大寺), Tokyo.
This temple of the Buddhist Tendai sect, constructed in 733, is nearly the oldest in the Tokyo area, second only to Sensoji in Asakusa.
An award ceremony for winners of the Jindaiji Love Story Award was held in the precincts of the temple, which is also a popular place to make wishes for romantic partnership.
“I am an Animator, please support me to do great work. I  want to go to the Art College!”
“Dear God, Please send me someone wonderful to marry me”
“Dear God, please find me someone who is kind and healthy”
“Dear God, please make Osame say ‘Hisami, let’s live together’… Thank you” … : )
Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.

And oo my oo my… we loveeee Dango, a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour). The one thing that will always make us miss Japan.


One thought on “Love Message from Japan

  1. Cyndy Messah says:

    Wah d’ZIGN for you goes international! :)
    Great pics as usual boss!

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