Dear Jojo…

The time you can read and understand my letter, you must be a grown up a beautiful girl. I want you to know how much Mommy and Daddy expect you to come to our life, and how much we thankful and grateful to God because of you in our life.

I will never forget when the nurse put you on my chest and we looked at each other for the first time. My tears rolled down and I always feel nothing more beautiful than that moment. Too beautiful to be remembered. I counted your tiny little fingers and toes, thank God they’re all perfect.
I admired your thick black hair and amazed how fast you can open your eyes. I touched your chubby rosy cheeks and can’t wait to make it even more chubby:) On that moment, I promised to God to raise you right, to be there when you need me the most, to teach you between right and wrong, to discipline you if you’re stubborn so you won’t grow spoiled and most importantly, to raise you the way God want you to be. Everyday I pray that God give me wisdom to raise you and to teach you. I pray that you will live in His way and His purpose. I pray that you make Jesus your best friend, the same thing like Mommy and Daddy did. Please turn to Him if you face any difficulties and problems. Maybe Mommy and Daddy can’t help you much, but He always has the answer for you and He will help you to solve ANY problems beyond your strength and understanding.

I will pass to you all my knowledge and skill, let’s see, which one you love the most! Or maybe none of them! I have to remind myself not to be disappointed then:) But one thing for sure, I have to inherit my cooking skill, because in my dictionary, every woman has to be able to cook. Not for herself, but for her husband and her kids. That’s what grandma told me, and I will tell you so. You can learn football, you can hit the drums or don’t like to wear dress, but you need to learn how to cook. I win Daddy’s heart because of this. And I want you to serve your husband like I did, even better! I will teach you how to honor your parents or people that’s older than you, coz it’s more important than knowledge. You’ll learn to have integrity, commitment and excellence, always do and try your very best. I will make sure all this value is found in you.

Oh…about choosing the man of your life, it’s simple. Just look at Daddy. That’s the type of man you should look for. He’s still made me adore him until now. Discuss with him about your crush, ok?! He’ll give you a wise advice. Follow me in choosing a great husband, ok?!
Jojo, there are so many things Mommy want to tell you! Well, along the way you grow up, I will tell you more. Above all this…. I love you sooo much….You are still Mommy’s baby and Daddy’s princess FOREVER.
Just remember that.
XOXO, Mommy


4 thoughts on “Dear Jojo…

  1. Yuli Maria says:

    Dearest Lydia,

    WOOOOWWWW, you made these pics so fabulous!! I even woke Edy up from his nap to make him saw these pics. Surely beyond my expectation and imagination. Lyd, thank you so so much! You’re really captured her so well and it will be a great memento for our family! Again, Thank a lot, Lydia!!

    • dzignforyou says:

      Thank you Yul, every time doing any photo shoot for you, it was never consider as a job for me, but it has always been a new and refresh inspiration with many great joy. I’m honored to have the opportunity to capture the heart story of Jojo from a great parents like you and Edy, even since your pregnancy :)

  2. Dawn says:

    love your work lydia..:)

    And after all that you documented here YU, i think all the boys-to-men will be making a beeline.. LOL

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