Finalist In The 2011 Creative Video Awards

Based on a remarkable true story, this video captured the life story of a 5 year old little girl named Janelle Leo. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 4. Over the past one year, she has braved through many harsh treatments. At such a tender age, she exhibited the traits of a fighter and warrior. Her source of strength comes from the memories of her loved ones. One of the best memories is with the hero in her life; her mommy. Janelle knows that the cancer treatment is a necessary part of her recovery. Knowing that everything will be okay as long as her hero is by her side, she is full of hope for tomorrow. She wants to be a superhero for her daddy and mommy.

We are truly honored to have produced this video with title “My Hero”, which was shortlisted as a finalist in the Professional Category of Creative Video Awards 2011, brought by MediaCorp’s Channel 5 and the Singapore Media Academy and supported by CANON Singapore.

We would like to thank everyone of you who have been so supportive and wrote many encouraging comments.

This movie is dedicated to our inspiring superheroes :
Janelle Leo, a true Fighter and Brave little girl, throughout many tough times of her life, together with her courageous Mom and Dad, have deeply touched our heart with their faith, hope and love. Encourage that everyone of us, can be a superhero too, no matter how tough our life is.

Janelle’s simple wish is to encourage others with her story.
You may get to know more of amazing Janelle or say hi to her at “Janelle Leo” Facebook
And we loveeee wearing  J Fighter T-Shirt all the time. Cute, positive and comfortable to wear. If anyone interested, you may also purchase and make the order at  : )


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