d’ZIGN for you’s FANS

Joseph & Joanne has been fans of d’ZIGN for you for the past 2 years. Joanne visited our website often to check out every new post. If people ask question “What kept you going on capture heartprint beyond imagination all these years?”. We could say, it’s because… all of our clients are our angels, one of them is Joseph and Joanne who love our works deeply. Having fans like you guys truly has brighten up our heart and brought many fun and creativity no matter how tired the shooting was.
After Joanne saw this photo montage shown at Pan Pacific Hotel, she hug me and with tearing eyes she said “Very nice… Thank you so much.. d’ZIGN for you’s team”. Thank you Joseph and Joanne, knowing both of you is our blessing :)
Thanks to David Choi (music: By My Side), check out his channel : http://www.youtube.com/davidchoi
Stay tuned for more photos!

Sweet Testimony from Joseph & Joanne


2 thoughts on “d’ZIGN for you’s FANS

  1. Hey Lydia,

    Bravo for the video of the testimonial. All your hard work for the past few years have paid off! I am so happy to hear all the good things the bride have said about your services.

    Keep up the wonderful creations!


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