Funky Sunrise

6 a.m … raining… 6.10 a.m… heavy rain… 6.20 a.m… rain storm… OMG, This photo shoot was highly challenging, we were so concerned for Roland & Xiaojia because in another 3 hours would be their ROM Ceremony. Well, they surprised us!! They were totally enjoy the time with us, no matter how inconvenience the situation was. Gotten wet in the rain, walked on the wet sand, got our shoes dirt and muddy. When Roland lifted up Xioajia, they even fell down happily on the slippery wood floor. We were so encouraged by their excitement and couldn’t forget how cute Xiaojia’s expression was, when she looked up to the sky and said “Oh God, I’ve been a good girl, please give me a nice sunrise!”… We all laughed and laughed, ha ha ha. And YES… rain stopped, and here it was… SUNRISE!!!! Even God celebrate this first day of their life together. Thanks Roland and Xiaojia for being sooo funky, sweet and entertaining, gave us such a memorable fun adventure. May your love shines from sunrise to sunrise, growing brighter year to year : )


2 thoughts on “Funky Sunrise

  1. Matahari says:

    I like it. So much of fun in there

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