Hephzibah Otto

Words by Andri & Rorra Otto :
When we searched for the name, this patricular name just touched our heart, and I can feel explosion inside me when I saw this name. The meanings of the name are very deep.

If we read Isaiah 62, basically Jerusalem was in turmoil. But God, in His faithfulness, comforted the people of Israel, by giving the new name for Jerusalem, which is Hephzibah, “for God delights in you”. If you read the whole of Isaiah 62, it’s just portayed the romantic side of God on how God loved His people.

This name has a few meanings and hopes for us:
1. Hephzibah means The Lord’s delight is in her. She is a great gift of life for our family. God delighted with her and trusted our family with His great delight. How great is the honour bestowed upon my family :D
2. As God gave the name Hephzibah to comfort the destitute Jerusalem, on how God did not leave Israel alone but instead, He is faithful to His covenant to the Abraham / Ishak / Jacob, my hope is that God will use my daughter to comfort the destitute, unwanted, and rejected.
3. The name Hephzibah marked the new beginning for God’s people. Our hope is that Hepzibah will be the sign of the new beginning in the lives of many.
4. The name “Hephzibah” contains the Hebrew alphabeth “Hey”. This particular letter is the symbol of grace in Old Testament (eg. God changed the name of Sara to Sarah, Abram to Abraham, and God raised Elisha to be the contemporary of Elijah). Hephzibah marked God’s grace upon Jerusalem and Israel. I prayed that God will use my newborn daughter as the channel of His grace to others.


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