The Most Romantic Thing… is to Grow Old With You


When I was a Baby :
“Hmmm very hard.. I couldn’t even see anything properly”
When I was a Child :
“The Neighbor Boy who bought me ice cream”
When I was a Teenager :
“Aaron Kwok”
When I was in University :
“The TOP NUMBER ONE ROCK GUY in the class”
When I’m Adult :
“MY DAD, the man who keeps his word all this 40 years, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in joy as well as in sorrow, to love unconditionally… He’s the most handsome man in my heart, who could make my mum feels as the most beautiful woman in the world, regardless her age and condition”

This music video is dedicated from Mr. Isnanto to his most precious wife. The song that he sang is about “The most romantic thing in my life, is to grow old with you”
Happy 40th years Anniversary for Mom and Dad, the most handsome man and beautiful woman in my heart.


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