Shaun & Rebecca

Shaun & Rebecca, first met and fall in love in San Francisco. Her bestie Yvonne said that Rebecca is someone who was not easily fall in love with, but Shaun won her heart just by being who he is genuinely. When we first liaised with Shaun in Singapore, he is truly an extraordinary guy who has the ability to be excellent in details and think extra mile for giving Rebecca the best and most memorable wedding day in Singapore before their second celebration in Hawaii. On the wedding day, with our curiosity of who is this lucky lady, we entered her room in Raffles Hotel. Rebecca looks simply stunning and gorgeous even with her kimono he he.. And again for the second time we have the privilege to meet and work together with Vivian Kuit, super talented make up artist. She did the excellent styling and make up for 4 hours. And Raffles Hotel, makes everything even more perfect with its elegant and classic building. We like this hotel a lot. Thank you Shaun & Rebecca for having us to capture your special moments. We are so in love taking picture of everything that happen on your wedding. Both of you are awesome! Congratulations once again :)


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