The Miracle Journey at Israel

One of the country that I’ve always been dreaming to go is… Israel. I feel so honored, invited by the couple, Aldo & Nova, to be the photographer of their wedding day in Israel. One week being with them and this family in Israel, truly one of the greatest blessing in my life. I never feel like a stranger, not even one day. Each and every moment in Israel is a miracle for me. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful family and Holy Land.

In the midst of 7 days tour, we have lots of fun with Aldo and Nova. We managed to capture some prewedding shots  few days before their wedding day. We captured their blossom love moments at Via Dolorosa,  Desert, Qumran, Dead Sea…

One of the most touching moments for me to capture is Baptism at Jordan River. It’s the place where Jesus was humble Himself and baptized. And that day, all of us felt the presence of God, touched by His assurance of who we are in His eyes. He is truly God who lifts up the humble.
Seeing how Aldo, Nova and the whole family dedicate their hearts and life to God, makes me understand witnessing how God bless them abundantly, and His Love surprised them on their wedding day, more than what everyone of us in the group could imagine. Stay tuned for their wedding miracles and precious moments photos… soon in this website :) Hope each one of you could be blessed too. XOXO

Here to share with you guys the video clips of our journey taken in Israel… enjoy the fun :)


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