Finalist in The Cathay Motion Picture 2012 AWARDS

Apart from more than hundred submission, our short film “Celebrate Life” has selected as Finalist. One of the TOP 25 Motion Pictures. As Cathay Organisation turns 77 this year, so this motion picture competition is based on the theme “Celebrate” – and every short film has to be completed within 77 hours.
This short film is about you’ll attract what you believe, so if you believe in faith and positive, you’ll attract that. And if you believe in fear and negative, you’ll attract that as well. There’s no right or wrong, just that you will have what you believe.
We hope in the midst of busy life in Singapore, and in the midst of rain and storm that may come to your life, let’s dance and give some space to have faith in yourself and celebrate YOU :)

Such an honor have a chat with General Manager Walt Disney & Sony Pictures, Robert Crockett.
I am honored and fun making this short film together with such positive, handsome, pretty, smart, humble and multitasking d’ZIGN for you cast & team : Niko, Peter and Yunita.


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