Singapore’s Halloween at Clarke Quay 2012

This is our first time, capturing a massive Halloween event. We thought that it’s gonna be a frightful night. But turned out very hilarious with the many surprises happening here. Full of fun and laughter. Singapore is indeed very creative for this Halloween night at Clarke Quay. We felt totally like in a different World on this day, 27th October 2012, and at this place… strangers has become friends. Majority came with costumes and different characters, the scariest costumes, the comedic and funny characters, the heroes characters, and some even came with Goofy and Mc Donald Fries costume. I was almost fall down seeing a man with his entire face covered by stocking, we couldn’t stop laughing and impressed by the creativity. Feels so victorious when none of these scary creatures can scared us away ha ha. I still remember one of the photographer shouted at the Wolf “STOP… STOP LAH” The Wolf suddenly stop, and we all burst out laughing… Also when we heard one of the Singaporean Zombie talked to another Zombie “Alamak, tomorrow my neck cannot turn back siah” hahaha… Even kids were laughing and learned to feel victorious overcoming their fear since young. The most hilarious was the GANGNAM STYLE dancing by those participants with the best dressed costume on stage. Entertained by 987FM DJs Rosalyn Lee and Bobby Tonelli. Well this are some short video clips and photos we have captured, hope you guys enjoy viewing :)

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