Hug, Laugh, Love

This family photo shoot was done in a beautiful city of Melbourne during spring season. What I did as their photographer was just shoot and had fun with this simple family along the crowded Swanston street. There are many times, the result of photographs always beyond what I could imagine. These photos speak lots of stories of that one fun day moments. A simple family yet with abundant happiness, full of laughter, hug and love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Oscar & Venny, Ivan, Alexis, Airin, Om, Tante, Leony & Yohanes, David & Yani & parents and all family. You guys already have life’s greatest Blessing, which is the love of Family. Cheers :)131230_001 131230_002 131230_003 131230_004 131230_005 131230_005b 131230_006 131230_007 131230_008 131230_009 131230_010 131230_011 131230_012 131230_013 131230_014 131230_015 131230_016 131230_017


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