The Beauty of God’s Timing

Video Cinematography directed by Lydia Isnanto
Scripted by Theresa Tan

Many times….mostly we are inspired not in perfection, but in people who have their imperfections, being honest and yet courageously deal without fear of their future. When the first time hearing from Grace about their story, immediately our heart were connected.

“His introduction was that he was David and he had been a widower for 7 years. I thought what kind of guy goes around telling people that – if a female said she was a widow with two kids, her chance of dating are zero right…” said Grace with smile. She is one special woman who is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. And David is someone who protects and completes her in many ways.

Today we have witnessed their beautiful wedding. In Christian Marriage, it is a symbol of God’s loving covenant relationship. As what Rev. Khoo said in the Church Wedding today “Covenant is based on trust, unlimited responsibility and cannot be broken regardless of any circumstances. But Contract is based on distrust, limited liability, and can be avoided by mutual agreement.” Seeing how both of their two children supporting and loving this couple, touched our hearts in many ways, and it’s an honored for us to witness this blessed marriage, portrays God’s covenant and unconditional love.

Congratulations David Khoo & Grace Ban, truly a privilege for us to produce this beautiful story. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring testimony. We are all… blessed :)

Music provided by
Performed by Kim Edwards
Courtesy of White Shore Music


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