Meant To Be

Video Cinematography directed by : Lydia Isnanto
When two people are meant to be together, they will be together. There’s a reason people like Darren and Jess found each other. ‘It is Fate,” said Darren & Jess during our first meeting hearing about their beautiful story. They described their type and kind of person that they looking for in a future partner, but who knows now they are marrying someone that has a total opposite of characteristic with what they had in mind. The most amazing thing is … who knows after they decided to be together, their differences has turned each other become even the best version of Darren & Jess. Thank you for the fun and honor producing this amazing short movie. May your every day be always happier than the last. Cheers :)

Music provided by SongFreedom
“ALL THIS TIME” by One Republic


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