Blessed Husband & Wife

Photography by 
Senior Photographer : Lydia Isnanto
Associate Photographer : David Goh

It was such a privilege for us to witnessed the beautiful wedding of Chris and Jing Juan. Chris himself is a person who passionate in photography. And truly amazing groom who has the ability to prepare and organize every tiny details of the wedding. Throughout the whole of wedding day, he make his bride, Jing Juan always smile and satisfied. She is a beautiful bride with her smile that speak to the whole world as the happiest bride ever. Surrounded by their friends and family, they vowed to make Forever their reality…a promise to stay by each other’s sides through good and bad and commit their lives to God for as long as they lived. 

Chris & Jing Juan, your love is remarkable. It is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and devotion…and we’re incredibly thankful to have documented a day that truly reflected you both. Thank you for making us feel like an integral part of your blessed day. Much Love and Appreciation. 

You are now a team of two. Your union is unbeatable. Wishing you a happy conjugal life! :)

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