Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru Rina & Bing Xun!

Photography by Yuki Lauw

“Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru Rina & Bing Xun!”

It has been a long time since I used that phrase in bahasa to congratulate a wedding couple. Rina is Indonesian and previously was one of my housemate in Singapore. I know her for years; she was a very fun and humorous lady. Meanwhile Bing Xun was a calm and gentle guy… at least that was my impression at the beginning, but not until I have spent more time with him. I discovered that he was also a humorous guy that loves to joke and tells funny stories. There was one time when they posed near the window to take photo, and I asked them to hold hand. Then Bing Xun acted throwing himself outside the windows and Rina spontaneously replied with the gesture of throwing him. They’re a very fun couple. Have spent one day with two of them made me realize that love means you have to become a best friend to one another. Imagine you have someone to talk about anything and laugh together for the rest of your life, how fun your days will be! Rina and Bing Xung, thanks for the opportunity to become your photographer, I wish you a great journey ahead full of joy and happiness! Salam!

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