David & Vivian

Photography by Yuki Lauw
David & Vivian are one of my favorite couple. They were very warm and friendly. They cared about each other and treated each other very gentle. Just from their gesture I can see and felt their love for one another and I can see that it influenced the people and atmosphere surrounding them. They were so loved by their family and friends that even though the family members spoke chinese and I don’t really understand Chinese, I can still felt the warmth atmosphere from the people when I was there. Still remembered when I took the group photos, all the family members were the one who kept the atmosphere alive with laughter and joy, and it was a lot easier for me to get the perfect expression. What a lovely family you guys are. One of my favorite moment was the solemnization. It was a perfect afternoon by the pool with beautiful sky and full with love emotion when they decided to take their love journey to another level of commitment and vow to each other. David & Vivian, I wish you a blissful marriage life ahead.
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One thought on “David & Vivian

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your eforts and I am waiting for ypur
    next write ups thanks once again.

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