Our Paris … Our Story …

Pre Wedding Photography by Xavier & Lydia
Well.. have you ever fall in love while you were teenager? Or watch a romantic teenager love movie? That cuteness, sweetness, the chemistry, the ups and down, the time studying together, the friendship… for Arie & Stella, the best thing about them is just simply being with each other. Being in Paris with them, hearing their story, went to the school they were studying captured moments of their friendship, their togetherness, their love was just like watching a romantic teen movie ha ha ha really fun, sweet and meaningful. We are honored not only be able to do the photo shoot for them, but also honored to know this two amazing dynamic duo personally. No matter how we asked them to be close with each other during photo shoot, they still choose to save their first kiss till the day of their wedding day. Witnessing how this couple put God first and honoring God in their relationship, truly blown away by the rewards of how God remember and bless them abundantly in every aspect of their life. Dear Arie & Stella, from the deepest of our heart, thank you for having us to captured your love moments in Paris, most of all we are grateful & inspired by just being with you guys. May God shower you both with continuous joy, love and happiness.

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