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Family Photography Singapore by Lydia
7 years ago, d’ZIGN for you was born.. with only one small SONY pocket camera and one small video cam SONY HDV A1P. Alvin & Sherin are included in the first few clients who believed with the little things that I had and small journey of d’ZIGN for you that has just began. It was a great fun capturing their love story and wedding video project 6 years ago. Even after years goes by, from the cute girlfriend and boyfriend, became the happy Mr. and Mrs. , and then now the awesome father and mother, with their little baby Aurora, we have reunion and have fun once again in their family photo shoot. Baby Aurora was so excited and full of enthusiasm in the photo shoot. I think it is a gift from her parents’ joy and fun character. Good models for children to watch and be influenced hahaha.. Thank you Alvin & Sherin for the fun, and the friendship. Enjoy these photographs of your moments, your story, your happiness and your blessed special ones :)

babyphotographysingapore_aurora001 babyphotographysingapore_aurora020 babyphotographysingapore_aurora019 babyphotographysingapore_aurora018 babyphotographysingapore_aurora017 babyphotographysingapore_aurora016 babyphotographysingapore_aurora015 babyphotographysingapore_aurora014 babyphotographysingapore_aurora013 babyphotographysingapore_aurora012 babyphotographysingapore_aurora011 babyphotographysingapore_aurora010 babyphotographysingapore_aurora009 babyphotographysingapore_aurora008 babyphotographysingapore_aurora007 babyphotographysingapore_aurora006 babyphotographysingapore_aurora005 babyphotographysingapore_aurora004 babyphotographysingapore_aurora003 babyphotographysingapore_aurora002


Family Photography Singapore

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