Wedding Photography Singapore – Ren & Melisa

Wedding Photography Singapore by Yuki
13 years earlier Ren and Melisa started seeing each other when they were still in school, now they are a happy married couple. Ren and Mel, both of them had a love with strong commitment that didn’t fade during times, and I can see how deep they love each other and how they understand each other very well. I’m happy to be able to witness and took part on their wedding day celebration as their photographer. I really inspired by them. They were very humble and friendly, they’re also very fun! They’re open to any suggestion and ideas, trust me, all creative people like us will be very happy to have a client like you two :) Ren and Melisa, thanks for your kind gesture and thanks the opportunity to be your wedding photographer. Wish you a many happy chapters in your wedding life ahead! And for Ren, I hope “the dream car” will soon be ticked from your bucket list ;)

weddingphotographysingapore_140608_001 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_002 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_003 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_004 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_005 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_006 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_007 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_008 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_009 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_010 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_012 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_013 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_014 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_015 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_016 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_017 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_018 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_019 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_020 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_021 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_022 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_023 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_025 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_026 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_027 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_028 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_029 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_030 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_031 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_032 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_033 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_034 weddingphotographysingapore_140608_035

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