Prewedding Photography – Happen For A Reason

Prewedding Photography by Erikson

Do you believe “everything happen for a reason”?. This couple proves it.  Kristanto and yenyen met at public and suddenly he strongly believes that he found his soulmate. So he immediately approaches her that day. He see his future in her eyes. After one short year together all came true. They are getting married!Kristanto is my best friend Since Uni. We shared pretty good times back In the day. He is the funniest guy to talk to. Age doesn’t matter for him, he stay childish and foolish all the time. I look at him now and I notice how much he changed in a good way. Somehow he’s grown up but we still in touch over time and remain good friends.

We strolled around Melbourne during this session. Exploring the city, street, countryside and the best part is the mountain. I was literally capturing this couple on a holiday getaway.

They are the sweetest and most funniest couple who cannot wait for their forever to begin. And it will begin very soon. You two are one of a kind, Keep loving on each other and enjoy your sweet journey.

Congratulations in advance, brow! Here’s your photos happily ever after !
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