Event Photography Singapore – Baby Clifford Birthday

Event Photography Singapore by David
Chris is ever so warm and calm, the moment I’m unable to locate bbq pit he assures everything is ok and asks me to take my time as the party is only just starting. Upon arriving he offered me a drink as I begin to set up my equipments. Christine is so creative and detailed oriented with her beloved friends and god mother they were preparing beautifying the place and creating a more garden feel to the bbq location. They are also doll-ing up the backdrop for clifton where the main stage of celebration will be held. Clifford is so bubbly active n playful, easily intrigued by different lights bubbles and of course sweet treats! Clifford loves to swim unafraid of the waters and constantly wadding around the pool. it was a joyous moment as we sang the happy birthday song and as clifton munch on his lovely white cake. it was my pleasure to capture all the candids moment of this joyous occasion.
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