Corporate Portraits – Solar Horizon

Solar Horizon ( is a Solar Leasing specialist offering zero-down-payment leasing solutions for rooftop Solar power systems. Singapore has never been more ready to embrace Solar power.
We had the privilege to do the portrait photo shoot for Solar Horizon amazing team with the founder and co-founders. With the concept indicate their dedication to their vision and passion in what they are doing for Singapore and society.

Steel Wool Light Painting – concept and photography by David
Solar energy is designed to offset daytime load. Utility continuously provides power for night and excess daytime usage. Steel wool light painting photography symbolized the ongoing Solar benefit at night.
141124_001 141124_002 141124_003 141124_004
Sunrise Light & Effects – concept and photography by Lydia
Sunlight falls on high performance Solar panels during daylight hours. The Sunrise with city background showing the important of Sun for the Team’s vision in making a difference for Singapore.
141124_005 141124_006 141124_007 141124_008 141124_009 141124_010 141124_011 141124_012 141124_013 141124_014 141124_015 141124_016 141124_017

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