Today’s Little Moments … Become Tomorrow’s Precious Memories

Family Photography Singapore by Lydia
Rain Rain Rain…. That’s what has been happening in Singapore nowadays. But the excitement of Daniel, Brigitte & Elliot for the photo shoot, make this possible. After the rain stop, within just 2 hours we had lots of fun playing around with all the props from Daniel & Brigitte and doing the levitation photography. Thank you for your enthusiast & trust in this photo shoot, gave me the privilege capturing moments of your priceless happiness, laughter, love & joy with the cute handsome Elliot. May this precious memories always bring smile to you guys seeing your life’s greatest blessing in having each other, cheers :)
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2 thoughts on “Today’s Little Moments … Become Tomorrow’s Precious Memories

  1. Valent Lau says:

    Cute one with the sunnies. And the images with the flying up

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