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This spontaneous short movie is about one young man named Yuki, was searching his true self image of how to be an awesome guy and get girls to like him. He kept comparing himself with other guys, finding ideas, use MRT as the location for his practices and trying hard to be someone else other than himself. At the end of all his experiences in MRT, finally he realized the most importantly is just to be himself.. because everyone else is taken.
This movie was shoot and edited in one day, by the spontaneous group of fun movie making team at d’ZIGN for you. Thank you for watching :)


Finalist in The Cathay Motion Picture 2012 AWARDS

Apart from more than hundred submission, our short film “Celebrate Life” has selected as Finalist. One of the TOP 25 Motion Pictures. As Cathay Organisation turns 77 this year, so this motion picture competition is based on the theme “Celebrate” – and every short film has to be completed within 77 hours.
This short film is about you’ll attract what you believe, so if you believe in faith and positive, you’ll attract that. And if you believe in fear and negative, you’ll attract that as well. There’s no right or wrong, just that you will have what you believe.
We hope in the midst of busy life in Singapore, and in the midst of rain and storm that may come to your life, let’s dance and give some space to have faith in yourself and celebrate YOU :)

Such an honor have a chat with General Manager Walt Disney & Sony Pictures, Robert Crockett.
I am honored and fun making this short film together with such positive, handsome, pretty, smart, humble and multitasking d’ZIGN for you cast & team : Niko, Peter and Yunita.

Finalist In The 2011 Creative Video Awards

Based on a remarkable true story, this video captured the life story of a 5 year old little girl named Janelle Leo. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 4. Over the past one year, she has braved through many harsh treatments. At such a tender age, she exhibited the traits of a fighter and warrior. Her source of strength comes from the memories of her loved ones. One of the best memories is with the hero in her life; her mommy. Janelle knows that the cancer treatment is a necessary part of her recovery. Knowing that everything will be okay as long as her hero is by her side, she is full of hope for tomorrow. She wants to be a superhero for her daddy and mommy.

We are truly honored to have produced this video with title “My Hero”, which was shortlisted as a finalist in the Professional Category of Creative Video Awards 2011, brought by MediaCorp’s Channel 5 and the Singapore Media Academy and supported by CANON Singapore.

We would like to thank everyone of you who have been so supportive and wrote many encouraging comments.

This movie is dedicated to our inspiring superheroes :
Janelle Leo, a true Fighter and Brave little girl, throughout many tough times of her life, together with her courageous Mom and Dad, have deeply touched our heart with their faith, hope and love. Encourage that everyone of us, can be a superhero too, no matter how tough our life is.

Janelle’s simple wish is to encourage others with her story.
You may get to know more of amazing Janelle or say hi to her at “Janelle Leo” Facebook
And we loveeee wearing  J Fighter T-Shirt all the time. Cute, positive and comfortable to wear. If anyone interested, you may also purchase and make the order at  : )

The Mysterious Bag

Theme : Greed
Starring : Dimas Wibisono & Silvia Grace Hendry
Film produced and directed : Lydia Isnanto

Short Film : A Word

A WORD : SHORT FILM by d’ZIGN for you production.
Director : Lydia Isnanto

short-filmHere, … At the peak of her life at 18 years of age, is an ordinary school girl whom everyone said worthless, dumb, useless and perhaps many more negative words. Everyone tries to bring her down. Pulled in all directions by a selfish mother, a criminal father, dreadful boss and frustration teacher, she hardly could search her soul for the true meaning of self-worth. Her life seems dark by all the negative words. She holds her tears back for so long that she even hates herself until one day when she decides to end her life. When she wanted to end her life, her friend came with beautiful word that has indeed changed her life.

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